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ExakTime Mobile for iPhone or iPad has a variety of functions depending on the role of the user. Generally speaking, there are Administrators, Supervisors and Standard employees.

This article will briefly review all the various features of ExakTime Mobile on an Android device, which means we’ll be using the Administrator role. The screens that users see may look different than what is displayed here based on their role.


  1. Menu Drawer – Opens the Naviagation Pane to access other portions of the app.
  2. Current Date & Time
  3. Employees Clocked In – View Employees who are currently Clocked In on the device.
  4. Sync – See any unsent information that is ready to send.
  5. Go/Stop – Click Go to select your location and cost code and begin tracking your time. Click Stop when you are ready to Clock Out.
  6. GPS Indicator – Used to indicate if ExakTime Mobile can access the GPS of a device. If there is a Red ‘X’ over this icon, ExakTime Mobile is unable to access GPS on the device.
  7. Clock In – Clock in for yourself.
  8. History – View the Time Records that have been created on the device.
  9. Clock For – Clock in for other Employees.
  10. Team – View other Employees who are currently Clocked In and have a GPS position associated with their time punch.

Settings Menu


  1. PocketClock – Allows the User to Clock In/Out for themselves or other Employees, view Employees currently Clocked In and see the time record history of the device.
  2. Field Notes – Send Messages, Pictures or Voice Recordings to the office.
  3. SiteHub – Get real-time updates regarding Employees, budgeting, weather, directions, and nearby restaurants relative to a Location..
  4. GeoTrakker – If acquired, allows the office to track the movement of a User.
  5. Manage – Add Employees, Locations, and Cost Codes or create Crews and Location/Cost Code Groups.
  6. Settings – Modify the settings of ExakTime Mobile on the device to best fit your needs.
  7. Logout
  8. Sync – Send unsent Field Notes and Time Records to the office and receive new Employees, Location, and Cost Codes that have been entered in the office.

Clocking In and Out from your iPhone, iPad or iPod can be done in just a few taps. Just watch this short video to find out how:


If a User has been given the necessary permissions, they can Clock In/Out other Users. This is done by selecting an employee, location and cost code on the screen above. When done making your selections, tap Go.

Note: Only Administrators and Employees with the ‘Edit Time’ permission will be able to change the time as shown above. For anyone else, this screen will show the date and time without giving the ability to edit them.

If allowed, the User can also Clock In/Out for a Crew of Employees to speed up the process.


View Time Punches created on the device and any information associated with a Time Punch.


If an Employee has been granted permission to “View Who Is Clocked In”, they will be able to view Employees and the GPS Position associated with their latest Clock In. If the Employee is not Clocked In or was unable to get a GPS Position at the time of their Clock In, they will not show up on this map.

  1. Magnifying Glass – Search for a specific Employee.
  2. Update – Update the current view.


  1. Save your Field Note to send to the Office on your next Sync.
  2. Enter Notes for the Office to receive.
  3. Associate the Field Note to an Employee, Location, or Cost Code.
  4. Attach a photo to your Field Note.
  5. Attach an audio recording to your Field Note.


SiteHub contains information about Employees currently clocked in, a rolling labor budget for the Location, weather for and directions to the Location, and restaurants nearby.


The “Manage” screen allows a user to add new Employees, Locations, and Cost Codes from the field.

Crews can be used to create a Crew of Employees which will allow a User to Clock In/Out for multiple Employees quickly.

Location and Cost Code Groups can be created to help organize Locations and Cost Codes.


  • Crew Confirmation – Confirm who is included in the Clock-In for a Crew.
  • Sync – Specify Sync interval so the device will send any unsent Records & Field Notes and receive any new Employees, Locations and Cost Codes.
  • Ask for Out Location – Ask for the Location as Employees Clock Out.
  • Require Fix for Clock In/Out – GPS “fix” needed to Clock In/Out.
  • Send after Clock In/Out – Send Records after they Clock In/Out.
  • Logout After Clock In/Out – Automatically log out an Employee after they Clock In/Out.

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