Adjusting Your Devices for Daylight Saving Time (Fall)


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Some Exaktime hardware devices need to be adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Devices that update automatically☨:

Devices that must be manually updated:

* JobClock Hornets and JobClock/EX will attempt to automatically adjust but depending on your TimeSummit setting regarding DST, may not. Details found in their corresponding articles (JobClock/EX will use the same steps as 2nd Generation JobClock for manual update).

☨ You can confirm the settings of the Daylight Saving Time automatic adjustment in the Daylight Saving Time option article. You must be on version 4.4 of TimeSummit Professional or 1.4 or higher of TimeSummit Enterprise for the automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment function to be available.

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