Moving TimeSummit from One Computer to Another

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You must be covered by an active ExakCare Support plan in order to use the System Transfer Utility. The utility will verify your support status. If you do not have an active support contract, please contact our Support Team to renew your coverage.

What is the System Transfer Utility?

The System Transfer Utility, or “STU,” is software that moves your ExakTime system from one computer to another. Before STU, moving an ExakTime system was a process that required multiple steps and a higher degree of computer knowledge. With STU, it is relatively simple.

When should you use STU?

Use STU when moving your ExakTime system to a different computer than the one it is installed on, i.e. when you are handing over responsibility for the system to an employee on a different computer.

You will also want to use STU when you are:

  • Upgrading to a new computer
  • Recovering from a virus or other hard drive damage
  • Rebuilding your computer or installing a new operating system
  • Duplicating a network client installation

On the computer you’re moving from (the “old” computer), STU takes care of these items:

  • Backs up your ExakTime data
  • Saves your TimeSummit settings
  • Copies this information to a USB drive or network location

On the computer you’re moving to (the “new” computer), STU takes care of these items:

  • Downloads and installs the database software needed by TimeSummit
  • Restores your backed up database, and verifies that it is in good health or connects to the networked database
  • Downloads and installs the latest version of the ExakTime products you had installed on your “old” computer
  • Restores your previous ExakTime software settings

How safe is STU to use?

We understand that the idea of moving your software and data can be intimidating. STU was designed to safely and securely bundle up your software and data. Software and data on the old system is never removed by STU.

After you verify that your TimeSummit is working as expected on the new system, you can manually remove the software and data on the old system without worry.

First, on the “old” computer, you should:

  1. Download the System Transfer Utility on this computer (the one with TimeSummit already on it). If you have multiple installations of TimeSummit, it is important to run the utility on a computer that has the same setup as you want on the new computer (i.e. run the utility on a computer with only the database if you are replacing the computer with only the database). Note you must have an internet connection on each computer you attempt to use STU from.
  2. When selecting the location to save, click on Browse and navigate to the USB flash drive you will be using to transfer TimeSummit to the new computer.
  3. Once STU has bundled up all of your TimeSummit data, it will copy it to the flash drive
  4. When the copying is complete, eject the USB flash drive by opening Computer (or My Computer in Windows XP) and right-clicking on the USB flash drive, then selecting “Eject”. Then plug it in to the new computer. As soon as the computer detects the USB flash drive, it will begin the restoration process.

Then on the new computer:

  1. If you don’t see the launcher, navigate to the USB flash drive and open the RestoreExakTime file
  2. One the restore has completed, your installation of TimeSummit is complete.
  3. Run TimeSummit on the New computer and make sure you see your familiar screens and data.

Finally, on the old computer:

  1. Uninstall the TimeSummit software on the Old computer
  2. Uninstall the TimeSummit database on the Old computer
  3. If you are running a networked installation of TimeSummit, and you moved the database using STU, then each of your workstations will need to point to the New computer. connecting your existing TimeSummit installations to a database that has been moved, follow the links on the last screen of the setup wizard.

Once you have verified that the New computer is running TimeSummit properly, you should not run TimeSummit again on the Old computer. If you do, Cloud Service data from the field will be downloaded to the Old computer, which is not where it should go. If that happens, contact the ExakTime Support Team and we’ll help you get your Cloud Service data to the proper computer.

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